Thursday, December 5, 2019

Climate Change and World Food Supply Essay Example For Students

Climate Change and World Food Supply Essay The world needs to think of how the climate is changing the food supply of the earth. The climate is doing some really bad things to the earth. The atmosphere is also not in good shape because of climate change. Humans now need to think of how climate change is affecting people. Climate change is affecting the food supply of the world. The climate change is rapidly affecting the earth. The Greenhouse gases are what is really messing up are world food supply and what is messing up our earth. Global Warming is causing concerns because of its high content in the atmosphere already. Because of global warming the earth is going down hill fast. We the people need to step up and take part in the fight against greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are what are leading to climate change, and climate change is what is leading to the depletion of the world food supply. Because of rising greenhouse gases, by the year 2060 the temperature will rise 12 degrees (Pittock 1). We have to use more fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers. Natural fertilizers arent harmful to the environment. Scientists think that if we are lucky the populations will only double in the next 66 years (Roach 3). Although we will still have to increase the Wicker Page 3 demand for food. Between 1989 and 1990 the crops increased by 60 percent (Pittock 4). Between these two years we have increased farm machinery by 4.7 times what it was before (Pittock 4). And we gave increased electricity by 5.1 times what it was before (Pittock 4). The climate change is affecting our atmosphere and a lot of people dont know that. There are lots of pollutants in the atmosphere but the two that are important in global warming and climate change are carbon dioxide and CFCs. Between those two, carbon dioxide ranks number one pollutant in the atmosphere. CFCs are bad too, but not nearly as bad as carbon dioxide. CFCs quicken global warming (Weier 1). Greenhouse gases consist of carbon dioxide mainly and that is why we need to get rid of greenhouse gases all together. Believe it or not climate change affects people too. Global warming and pollution affects peoples breathing. Lately people with asthma have had a hard tine breathing because of global warming and pollution. Doctors have had more asthma patients in this year then in any year (Weier 2). So now what do you people think of global warming and pollution? The green revolution was largely based on increased energy in the form of irrigation, mechanization, fertilizers, and pesticides. Wicker Page 4 So far the production yields in crops are negative in the low latitude countries because of climate change. Natural fertilizer helps crops by 22 percent where as chemical fertilizers help a little better than that but they are harmful to the soil. Climate change can affect rainfall intensity, weather extremes, pests, and diseases. Studies have shown that Sub Saharan Africa will get the worst of global climate change and pollution. Also studies show that food production will have to grow 2 percent every year to sustain the food supply (Roach 1). Scientists state that this is possible. The world food supply is changing and the population needs to think about how to stop this from happening. Changing climate is changing our earth. As the climate is changing so is the world food supply. There is a high content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. People need to use natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. We need to increase the demand for food. Climate change affects people too. The Green Revolution was based on the mechanics of farming. Climate change affects weather patterns too. Evolution of Forensic Psychology 300 level undergr Essay Food production must increase 2 percent ever year to keep up with the population of the world. Works Cited Pittock, A. Barrie. Climate Change and World Food Supply: special issues on environmental change and food policy. 26 Oct. 1999: Internet. 10 Oct. 1999. Available WWW: Roach, John. Factory farms come under scrutiny. 26 Oct. 1999: Internet. 10 Oct. 1999. Available WWW: http://www. archive/1999/09/092099/ffarm_5740.asp. Weier, John. Every Cloud has a Filthy Lining. 26 Oct. 1999: Internet. 10 Oct. 1999. Available WWW: http://www.earthobservatory.nasa. gov/study/. .

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