Saturday, February 29, 2020

Judicial System in Mexico Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Judicial System in Mexico - Research Paper Example The Mexican court handles its procedures having been guided by the Mexican Constitution just like in other countries (Baker & Mckenzie, 2008). Whenever a dispute occurs between two parties that needs judicial intervention, the dispute is presented to the state court. The state court then goes ahead to verify the claim, after which the court serves the other party in dispute with the claim. The other party who is the defendant then has an obligation to give a response within nine days. This period is based on the nature of the claim that has been presented to the defendant. After both parties are familiar with the nature of the claim, the presentation of evidence begins immediately and this happens within a period of approximately forty days. For the evidence to be accepted for questioning it has to be very specific to the dispute as in Mexico, indirect or vague evidence is rendered as inacceptable in a court of law (Rolando, 2013). The components of valid evidence include documents, witnesses, confessions and technical evidence too that includes audio and visual evidence i.e. photographs, video clips and also sound recordings. The aspect of the technological evidence acceptance as evidence is relative depending on which country it is. Some states do not accept such kind of evidence. After the evidence has been received and rendered acceptable, the disputing parties are granted a chance to make their final presentation in accordance to the evidence that has been presented. This normally happens in a period of three days. After the conclusions have been presented, the court then gives a final resolution to the disputing parties. This happens in a period of approximately fifteen days. The judge then goes ahead to give a judgment after examining the available evidence (Timothy, 2013). The disputing parties can now go ahead and file an appeal or a complaint in case they are not contented with the judgment. In case of an

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